Portfolio: E-Learning Platform

This project is an e-learning platform built for industrial clients – used to manage the compliance/training needs of staff within a business. Typically it’s used in industries where staff compliance is required, such as GDPR.

I worked on the design, conception, implementation and on-going maintenance and upgrade of the site.

My role was to support a variety of international clients get set-up with the system, including development, integration, functionality, support, training and site-technical consultations.


  • Highly robust hosting solution
  • Various integrations of external products, such as in-app video conferencing, Scorm and x-api support

Tech stack:

  • Laravel 5.7 build in a modular/extendable structure
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI
  • Websockets
  • MariaDB

Improvements & Next steps

  • Further enhancements to video conferencing.


Portfolio: Large scale news portal for the European Union

This is a very large scale news portal built using Drupal. It publishes thousands of news articles and research papers on behalf of the EU Scientific project.

I worked on the design, conception, implementation and on-going maintenance and upgrade of the site.

My role was an on-site consultant for the project, covering Germany, Italy and the Netherlands to further develop and support the project.


  • Alexa rank of 803 (at the time of writing)
  • Extremely high load
  • Various integrations of content sources

Tech stack:

  • PHP / Drupal
  • Bootstrap
  • Varnish caching
  • Jquery & various libraries

Improvements & Next steps

  • Build out custom content/editor workflow functionality

Portfolio: Takeway ordering app

This is a large scale white-labelled ordering app that holds around 500 restaurants. It’s similar to Hungry House and allows users to search for the nearest takeaway/store and create an order for collection/delivery. It’s a large application that’s been in development for around 10 years – I held the position of API Engineer/Web developer (senior).

I contributed many functions to the system, such as external hardware integrations, payment integrations and order-product management.

I lead the development of all new web features during my tenure and worked closely with mobile development teams and other departments to enhance the product and deliver a suitable solution to feature requests.


  • Huge library of functionality
  • Handles thousands of orders per day
  • API Supporting iOS & Andriod apps
  • Extremely flexible

Tech stack:

  • PHP5 / Symfony Components
  • Bootstrap/Twig
  • MariaDB high performance database structure
  • Jquery & various libraries
  • Fully whitelabelled
  • Fully managed solution

Improvements & Next steps

  • Convert the order flow to a more modern JS framework such as React.


Portfolio: Web database – GDC Resource


This site was developed by myself as a public database for debt collection agencies. I’ve built it in a structure that can be copied to basically any industry.


  • Global search functionality
  • Distance calculation on the fly
  • Stripe integration & premium membership options
  • Low build time: under 1 week from concept to production ready product

Tech stack:

  • Codeigniter 3 & PHP7.2
  • Bootstrap
  • MariaDB high performance database structure
  • Jquery & various libraries
  • Responsive design
  • Lighweight & seo friendly structure

Improvements & Next steps

  • Multilingual
  • Convert the search functionality to React for a smoother experience
  • Paypal integration


This site can be easily white-labelled in under a day – so if you’re looking to host a similar site then get in touch!


ReactJS Address book app

As an introduction to react development – I’ve used it to build an address book – it’s running on a PHP/Symfony api.

The app is quite loose and is a straightforward introduction / easy to understand app to play around with and make changes / additions. It’s got a simple routed component structure and various bits of CRUD functionality.

Github link here

Live Demo Here

Built on react v16, this app incorporates:

  • Context API
  • React-router 4
  • React-alerts
  • Bootstrap UI
  • Basic token-auth functionality
  • Axios http library